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Homeless Youth Program

Homeless Youth Program (HYP)
Contact Information

Katina Kooi, BS
HYP Coordinator

217.529.8300 ext. 204

Toll Free:
866.529.8300 ext. 204


Homeless Youth Program (HYP)
The Youth Service Bureau's HYP addresses the needs of the older adolescent and the young adult ages 16 to 24 who are homeless.  Youth who are under the age of 18 and homeless must reside at the Youth Service Bureau group home with parental permission unless the youth is an emancipated minor.  Homeless youth between the ages of 18 to 24 reside in subsidized community apartments.

Homeless for HYP is defined as having no legal domicile and/or residing on the street or in an unsafe living environment.  Youth participants will be eligible for services for up to 24 months or until their 24th birthday.  Married homeless youth are included.

HYP provides participants with a cluster of services designed to education and train participants in the skills they need to live independently.  These services include weekly individual and group counseling.  The group modules include but are not limited to daily living skills, transportation, community access, consumer skills, cooking, job search skills, and good work habits.

The content for individual and group work includes:

  • Basic life skills - apartment living, cooking, nutrition, consumer education, budgeting, paying rent and utilities, household maintenance and home safety
  • Job preparation and attainment
  • Emotional and mental health - conflict resolution, dealing with isolation, loneliness, depression, stress management, coping with anger & problem solving
  • Parenting training and assistance in accessing quality day care
  • Substance abuse prevention, education, and treatment
  • Physical and mental health care - what it is and how to access it
  • Use of community resources - how to obtain needed documents, access community services and utilize public transportation
  • Educational issues
  • Leisure time activities - each participant works with a case manager who assists them with the practical application of their new skills, assist with problems, monitor progress and advocate on behalf of each participant

The goal of this program is to assist homeless youth in achieving independence and self sufficiency.