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Youth Service Bureau

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Youth Service Bureau

The Youth Service Bureau is a licensed Child Welfare agency that serves the needs of abused, neglected, homeless and at-risk youth ages 11-24. The mission of the YSB is to divert these youth from the Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare systems, thus keeping families intact and children in their homes. Our mission also includes serving the needs of older adolescent homeless youth ages 16-24. We do this by helping them to become independent and self sufficient positive contributing members of our community.


It is the vision of the Youth Service Bureau that all children should have the opportunity to become all that they want to be regardless of ethnicity or family environment they were born into. The Youth Service Bureau follows a philosophy that individual client strengths are the building blocks  for at-risk youth and their families and through a positive collaborative community process we can  help every child realize their full potential.

Agency Overview
At times, efforts needed to reunite families require intensive intervention in order to help family members learn new, more productive ways of relating to one another and strategies for managing their lives.  If reunification is not an option, agency staff can assist the youth in learning basic life skills such as completing school, finding a job, and keeping healthy.

Services to youth include outreach, crisis intervention, stabilization, emergency shelter, and long-term support and aftercare.  The Youth Service Bureau's programs are individualized based on need and are flexible, comprehensive, responsive, have a family focus (where appropriate) and sets high standards of quality and good management.  These services are supported by the Youth Service Bureau's extensive years of experience since 1977.

In FY2018, the Youth Service Bureau provided services to 1,800 youth and their family members.  The services provided are proven to be effective in keeping families together and over 92% of the cases opened had a positive conclusion at closing.

The Youth Service Bureau is a DCFS licensed child welfare agency #215936-06 that provides services to youth and their family members in the five counties of Sangamon, Christian, Mason, Menard, and Logan Counties.