Youth Service Bureau
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Executive Director

Kathleen Wright, MSW
Executive Director

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Executive Director

Who loved and cared for you when you were a child? If you had to stop for even a second and ponder that question then chances are you grew up in an environment that was not always happy, safe and nurturing. Obviously most of us would automatically say my Mother, my Father, or maybe a grandparent or another family member.  Not all children are born into equal opportunity and not all children are born into environments that produce equal opportunities for them. But, all children, regardless of the circumstances of where their lives began,  are born good and should,  just by being born have before them, the opportunity to become all they want to be regardless of who raised them and the environment they were raised in. That is the premise of the philosophy of The Youth Service Bureau and the services we provide to help our communities youth become all they want to be, regardless of their environment and living situation.

The Youth Service Bureau (YSB) is a private not for profit, licensed child welfare agency located at 2901 Normandy Road here in Springfield. We have been in existence for over 37 years and have a staff of 20 dedicated employees and serve approximately 1,500 at-risk youth ages 11-18 and their family members annually. Our services are provided at no cost to the youth and family members residing in Sangamon, Mason, Menard, Logan and Christian counties with 85% residing in Sangamon County. The YSB CCBYS program which serves our Sangamon county communities youth and families. Included in this program are a 24 hour crisis intervention system, emergency and shelter placement, respite, counseling, trauma therapy, advocacy, mentoring, case management and individualized services to address needs such as poverty, food insecurity, truancy, behavioral issues, domestic violence in the home, family preservation and stabilization services and homelessness. Our program integrates services into a comprehensive community-based youth service system which forms a full continuum of services to assure youth who are at-risk, abused, neglected, runaways, homeless or feel threatened have access to needed services aimed at prevention, diversion and treatment.

The Youth Service Bureau services provide short term, intensive, outreach services, focused on the family unit when possible. Our basic philosophy is that most children mature and grow to become all they want to be within their own family. We help families overcome problems and strengthen the family unit. The YSB CCBYS program lessens the possibility that our communities youth will enter into the child welfare or juvenile justice systems. We serve as a “Safe Place” and a “Safety Net” for those youth who find themselves in need of one.

Without the funds that donors in our community so generously give, the YSB shelter and its aftercare program simply would not be available for our community.  Over the past years state funds are increasingly harder to obtain and federal funds tend to be awarded to larger communities with larger populations. It doesn’t mean we do not have the same needs, they just have more youth to serve and funders must make a choice.

Thank you to all who contribute to YSB. All the funds stay in our community and help with the needs of our youth, families and seniors. We are a better community because of donors and we make great strides every day helping to bring hope to many people who otherwise would have none. We change lives for the better and show we are a community of compassion and care for our neighbors.

And in the future when one of our communities successful young adults who was provided with services by an agency such as the Youth Service Bureau  is ask “Who loved and cared for you as a child” if they cannot answer, my Mother, my Father, My grandparent, my family, but can say “My Community”, we will know that made all the difference.