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Youth Service Bureau
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Youth Service Bureau Agency History
The Youth Service Bureau is a DCFS licensed Child Welfare Agency #215936-06. Youth Service Bureau was created in 1977 and has many years of experience providing comprehensive services to youth and their families aimed at the preservation of the family unit. 

Since its inception, the YSB has had a strong community base and has relied on funding from a variety of state, federal, and local sources to provide crisis intervention, temporary residential placement, and counseling services to youth and their families.

Services provided include:
  • 24-hour crisis intervention
  • Individual and family counseling
  • Outreach
  • Advocacy
  • Temporary residential placement
  • Information and referral service
  • Linkage to other agencies and community services
  • Resource development
The primary goal of these services are directed toward the preservation and/or reunification of families and diverting youth from the child welfare and/or juvenile justice systems.

                                                       Client Rights and Responsibilities

Agency hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Evening hours are usually available by appointment.

Client Rights

Client rights shall be protected in accordance with the Illinois Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Code (IMH & DCC) and the Illinois Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Confidentiality Act (IMH & DDCA).

  1. Clients have the right to expect their concerns will be heard, and if the agency cannot provide the services they are seeking, they can expect a referral to appropriate service providers.
  2. Clients shall not be denied services because of sex, race, ethnic origin, religious belief, marital status, disability, age, or criminal record.
  3. Clients have the right to expect they will be treated courteously and professionally.
  4. Clients have the right to participate in the development and amendment of their service plans.
  5. Clients have the right to refuse services.
  6. Clients have the right to expect that all records and communications shall be confidential and disclosed to others only with written consent or in compliance with Illinois and Federal law.
  7. Clients have the right to use Agency grievance procedures and/or appeal to an advocate outside the Agency (Guardianship Advocacy Commission. Protection and Advocacy, Inc., DCFS, etc.) Staff will assist clients in contacting these groups by providing clients with appropriate addressees and telephone numbers.
  8. a client's rights shall be explained using language or another method of communication which the client understands.
  9. If a client's rights under IMH&DDC or IMII&DDCA are restricted, such restriction shall be documented in the client's record.  a minor client's parent and legal guardians shall be notified of the restriction.
  10. All clients shall be free from abuse and neglect. Clients shall be free of sexual harassment, including threats, flirtations, sexually degrading words and comments about the client's body. Clients shall be served with respect in a professional manner.
  11. Clients shall not be deprived of any legally or constitutionally guaranteed rights, benefits or privileges.
  12. In the event you need to make an allegation concerning a staff member of Youth Service Bureau regarding harassment, mistreatment, abuse or negligence, these are the steps and procedures to be followed:
                  1.  Youth will present issue to the Executive Director
                  2.  Executive Director would investigate the allegation(s).
                  3.  Executive Director will notify the appropriate authorities.
                  4.  The staff member would be placed on leave during the investigation process.
                  5.  If the allegation(s) are founded, the employee would be dismissed from employment with the   
                       Youth Service Bureau.

Client Responsibilities

  1. The agency expects those clients who voluntarily seek services to be motivated to use those services. 
  2. The Agency expects clients to be honest in revealing personal information.
  3. The Agency expects clients to be free from the influence of drugs or alcohol when coming to use the Agency services.
  4. the Agency expects clients to act in a respectful, non-threatening manner with staff.
  5. The Agency expects clients to be present for appointments at the time agreed upon.
  6. The Agency expects clients to respect Agency and personal property.
  7. The Agency expects clients to follow rules and procedures for specific services and offices.

                                                   Client Rights and Responsibilities

I understand as a client of the Youth service Bureau that all services are offered at no cost, and I consent to participate in these services.

A copy of the Agency's document - Client Rights and Responsibilities - has been provided to me on this date.

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                        Guardian's Signature                                         Time                                Date

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      Client's Signature If over 12 Years of Age                              Time                               Date

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                        Worker's Signature                                            Time                                Date


Clients Rights Grievance Procedure

Any client who has a complaint about Youth Service Bureau services, staff or facility are first encouraged to discuss the grievance with his/her case manager, therapist or counselor in an attempt to informally resolve the matter. However, any client who believes his/her rights have been violated is encouraged also to follow the steps outlined below:

  1. The client should contact the Programs Supervisor of the agency in order to discuss and attempt to resolve the alleged violation. The initial contact may be in writing, by phone or in person. The Programs Supervisor is expected to schedule a meeting as soon as possible with the client to discuss the complaint. The Programs Supervisor will attempt to resolve the complaint and assure the violation is corrected. If the grievance is resolved at this level, all documentation shall be forwarded to the Human Resource Director for proper storage of the complaint and resolution.  If the grievance remains unresolved, all documentation of the grievance and/or complaint will be forwarded to the Executive Director of the agency for review.
  2. The Executive Director will schedule a meeting with the client to resolve the grievance as soon as possible but no later than 20 working days from the date the complaint was made. After the scheduled meeting, if the grievance is still not resolved, the client may request in writing a meeting with the Executive Committee of the Youth Service Bureau's Board of Directors.
  3.   The Youth Service Bureau Board of Directors will meet with the client at the next regularly scheduled monthly board meeting. The client will be given ample time to bring his/her complaint forward and discuss his/her concerns. The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors shall meet in closed session and come to a consensus of how best to resolve the complaint. The manner in which how the complaint will be resolved will be given to the client in writing and the decision made by the Board of Directors Executive Committee on how to resolve the complaint will be final.
  4. The Youth Service Bureau will not retaliate in any way against a client who files a grievance.